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What We Offer

    In the day-to-day running of any business, it can be difficult to identify an underperforming IT infrastructure on premises or in the Cloud. Issues such as an overloaded servers, outdated hardware, unsecured firewalls and data, VPN may not bring your operations to a standstill, but they do make you vulnerable to data loss. They can have an adverse effect on the efficiency and productivity of your entire system.

    Whilst an in-house IT manager may be able to manage minor issues as they arise, to institute systematic change and optimize the performance of a commercial IT system, you need a team of experts, and that’s where CyberMerced’s managed services come in. Our team of professional engineers will monitor your IT environment and proactively maintain your infrastructure to make sure your business is operational.

We Will Manage All Aspects of your IT

System Monitoring & Maintenance

Patch Management

Application Management

HIPPA Compliance

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Ongoing Consultation & Project Management

Network Monitoring

24x7 Server Support

Microsoft 365 Support

Mobile Device Management

User Support & Helpdesk

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