Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

About Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery, like technology failure, fire, health emergency, power outage or any type of loss that leads a company in to crisis. Major disaster events to business operations can create many negative impactful events that can affect a company's success or daily operations.

Business Continuity

The effective implementation of a Business Plan protects your business from potential threats or attacks. You'll make a constructed plan to address critical business functions which should remain operational and available in event of crisis so you can keep supporting customers. It's a redfine of alternate business process of highest risk, specific to the business.

 Disaster Recovery

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a key component of an organizations Business Continuity Plan. Disaster Recovery Plans focus mainly on IT services and systems. Your plan will detail the steps needed to quickly restore primary systems or default to back up in the event of an outage. This will include transitioning data and processing back to primary systems after crisis is resolved.

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